How can I cancel a job on my Moverbase calendar?

It’s easy to cancel and rebook job using Moverbase. There are 2 ways you can cancel a job.

Method 1: Change the Job Status to Canceled

To update the Job Status open the job you would like to make changes to and click the EDIT button on the top of the page.

Then simply click the JOB STATUS to open the drop down menu and select CANCELED.

Finally click SAVE to update the job. The job will still appear on your calendar but will be marked as CANCELLED.


Method 2: Delete the Job

If you would like to remove the job entirely from you calendar you can also delete your job. You can delete a job by opening it and clicking the delete button at the top of the page. This will remove it from your calendar entirely.

***PLEASE NOTE: if you have signed documents attached to this job (such as a signed estimate) you will NOT be able to delete a job as Moverbase saves an audit trail on all signed documents for your records.***


If you have further questions about how to cancel or change job status please email