How to create custom fields using details

Creating a custom field or job detail has never been easier.  Here is a brief video that will show you an example of how to create details or custom fields.

Step by step instructions for creating details

  1. Go to SETUP > JOBS > DetailsScreen Shot 2019-06-11 at 12.13.28 AM
  2. Add a Unique name and Description and click Create Detail
  3. New Fields open up to provide additional functions:Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 12.16.44 AM
    1. Add a default value if you wish something is prefilled
    2. Default? Select Yes to add to all jobs, or to just new jobs, or to not make it default
    3. Display? Select Yes to make it appear in the Job for customers and staff to view
    4. Select Type of field:  Text for open text, Date or Time specific formats, or List to create a dropdown list with values.
    5. Finally, enable or disable the field as needed.
  4. Click Save Detail to complete.
  5. Go to a Job Page and you should see the new detail appear in the BASIC JOB INFORMATION at the bottom of the section. Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 12.22.36 AM
  6. You will also see the custom field DETAIL appear in the Quote or Job View.

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 12.13.56 AM