How to share your Files documents with clients

Our new files feature has made it easy to digitize documents and auto fill information for customers. Here is how to share your documents with your customers:

  1. Go to a job, click on Docs on the right hand corner
  2. In Docs, you will find preset documents from Moverbase, but you will also find your document that has been added and activated in Files.
  3. In this case, our document is Sample Bill of Lading. Click on Share to open up sharing options.
  4. There are multiple ways you can share your documents.
    1. If your customer has a login, you can make it accessible to them with the button Share with Client
    2. If you want to notify the customer with an email and share the document, click Share and Email Client
    3. If you want to archive the document, click Archive Only
    4. If you want to preview the document before sending it to customers, click Preview Document
  5. If you shared a document with a customers and wish to disable the view, you can do so at anytime.