When I click my Quote URL it says “this URL is no longer active”

Fear not, you’ve done nothing wrong.

When you’re viewing this email in your Moverbase account the quote URL is just a preview and does not have the full client link code displayed. When the client receives the email in their inbox the =NA at the end of the URL will be replaced with the full link to open their quote.

To ensure this link is setup in your emails correctly, go to SETUP>EMAILS and click to open the email you would like to check. Then click the blue edit button.  Ensure that you are using the %QUOTE_URL% code which will display the client’s link to their estimate when they receive emails. If there is other text there simply replace it with the %QUOTE_URL% code and click SAVE TEMPLATE to update.

If you needed to make changes to this email you will need to resend the quote email to your clients for them to be able to access their unique client code link.


If you need further support please email Support@moverbase.com with details and we will be happy to help.