You can select New Lead, New Job or New Client. What are the main differences and the reason why we would enter someone one way or the other?

New Lead – Use this to best take advantage of leads tracking. You can manage leads by status in the leads section and when you are ready to create a job quote easily click to convert the lead and create a linked job quote. If you ever deleted a job the original lead would still be saved

New Job – Save time in creating quotes by skipping the leads section. Select +New Job and enter in your client’s contact info to start working on quote directly.

New Client – Anytime you create a new job in moverbase a corresponding client is automatically be created and linked to that job. If you only want to save a client’s info but don’t necessarily have any pending jobs for them you would use the option for New Client. From a client’s saved profile you can create new job quotes, group together existing jobs, view their job history, save additional contacts and details