How do I fill in “Job Information” in MoverBase?

All Job information can be filled in under the Job itself.


  1. Select NEW JOB from the Dashboard or from the JOBS Tab, or select a pre-existing Job in the JOBS Tab
  2. Enter or Select the Client information
  3. Enter a Date and Start Time, then select SAVE & CONTINUE
  4. You will then be taken to the Job Edit section
  5. Enter Basic Job Information
  6. Enter Pick Up Address
  7. Enter Drop Off Address
  8. Fill out Inventory List (This can also be sent to client to fill out. To find out how, see How To Send an Inventory Request)
  9. Enter Supplies
  10. Assign your Trucks and Movers
  11. Complete the Estimate section
  12. Remember to select SAVE or SAVE & CONTINUE located at the top of the page.

You are also able to customize the View while editing this information


  • On the top righthand corner, there are 4 View types: Full View, Short View, Expand View, and Collapse View