How does a Leads Provider send leads to a Moverbase account?

Leads providers must be registered and authenticated to provide leads to a Moverbase customer.  Here are the steps:

  1. Leads provider must Create A Free Moverbase Account

    • Click here to create free Moverbase account
    • Add name of leads provider without spaces as subdomain
    • Add email of leads provider TECH contact who is authorized to post leads
  2. Moverbase will review and authorize the account as a Leads provider

    • Moverbase will contact leads provider and verify information
    • Moverbase will research leads provider online
  3. Moving company must then authorize Leads Provider as a referral 

  4. Leads provider receives authorization key to send leads

    • When Leads provider is added as a referral by the mover, Leads provider will receive an email with the authorization key to send leads to the Movers specific Moverbase account.
  5. Leads provider can post leads to Moverbase mover using POST method – review the developer API docs.

  6. Automate leads integration for future customers.  Become a Fully Integrated Premium Leads Provider.

    • Premium Leads providers have tons of more benefits.  Moverbase customers can view them, and even become new customers for the Leads provider.  Leads integration is so simple for the mover.
    • To FULLY integrate with Moverbase, you will have the benefits of a Premium Leads provider.
    • Customers will be able to choose you as a premium lead provider, and receive leads with only a single button
    • Please review these instructions to become a Fully Integrated Premium Leads provider
    • Fully-Integrated-Moverbase-Premium-Leads-Provider (PDF Technical Instructions) Send this to your leads provider technology team