I get leads in my email inbox, how can I send these to Moverbase?

Do you receive leads in your email inbox? What if you can train these leads that come into your email account to automatically show up in Moverbase? With Moverbase’s Zapier integration you can easily set it up to follow this process:

1. Lead shows up in your inbox email.

2. Lead is automatically forwarded to your zapier inbox for parsing

3. Email is parsed using the template you set up

4. Lead shows up in Moverbase automatically every time you get one in your email.

Check out our video below for detailed instructions on how to set up and parse your lead emails using Zapier


For more information on what you can do with Zapier take a look at some of our other support documents

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If you have questions about how to set up this Zapier integration or questions in general please email Support@moverbase.com