Why can’t I complete my Square transaction on my tablet or mobile phone?

If you’re having trouble completing your transaction in Square, take a look at some of our troubleshooting suggestions

  1. Check to be sure you have the square app installed, you are logged into the square correct account, and you have all of the required permissions turned on
  2. Check your Moverbase Systems settings to ensure you’ve selected Square as your preferred payment provider
  3. If you are using the Moverbase App for Android it is not yet compatible with Square. You will want to open Moverbase on your mobile web browser (safari, chrome, firefox etc.) to utilize our Square Integration
  4. If you have Moverbase open on your mobile web browser but are not seeing the green Start Transaction button check your web browser settings to be sure you don’t have “desktop view” or “desktop site” selected as this hides mobile integrations.

If you need further support with the Square integration check out these other support articles for more information or email support@moverbase.com

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