Can my foreman adjust the price on the invoice?

There are a few different ways you can allow your foreman to adjust the price on an invoice.

Adding Miscellaneous Charges and Discounts:

Your foreman can easily adjust the total amount due by entering miscellaneous charges or discounts. Once they are typed in they will be automatically added as additional line items, updating the total amount due on the invoice.

Changing the Total Due Using Hourly Rates and Job Duration:

You can also allow your foreman to make changes to the total due on job if you are using the Hourly Rate to create your estimates. All your foreman needs to do is change the job duration and the hourly price will update to reflect the new job total.

Note: if you want to use Hourly Rates but do NOT want a change in duration to change the total amount due you can use the Hourly Rate in Custom charges when you create your estimates.

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