Combine Square Payments with the Power of Moverbase

Are you a mover using Square? Square payments is extremely popular with movers and can make you look high tech and professional when taking payments at the job site. Now, get ready to take your moving company to the next level with Moverbase


With Moverbase, you can seamlessly connect your Square payments to our all-in-one CRM solution. Giving you all the tools you need to esign documents collect payment and close out your jobs on site. Experience streamlined operations, increased profitability, and enhanced efficiency. Get your free Moverbase account at and see for yourself

Maximize Efficiency: Say goodbye to manual paperwork and embrace streamlined processes with Moverbase’s adaptable moving quotes and customizable documents like the Bill of Lading. Collect paperless signatures on-site using your phone or tablet

Effortless Integration: Moverbase effortlessly connects with Square Payments, granting access to Square’s advanced features while managing your entire moving company operations directly through Moverbase.

Secure Payments: Accept online payments for deposits and equip your moving crews with Square’s user-friendly in-person card readers. Enable convenient swiping or tapping to accept payments right on the job site.

Time-Saving Solutions: Save valuable time with Moverbase’s efficient automation and synchronization of Square Payments. Focus on growing your business while Moverbase takes care of the rest.

Boost Profitability: By integrating Square with Moverbase, you’ll unlock new levels of efficiency and organization, ultimately leading to increased profitability for your moving company.

Join the growing community of successful moving business owners who have harnessed the power of Moverbase and Square. Don’t Settle for Square Alone! Streamline your operations, optimize your payments, and watch your moving company thrive. Combine the power of Square Payments with Moverbase, the ultimate CRM solution tailored specifically for movers.

If you have further questions about how to setup and start using square with Moverbase, take a look at some of our other support guides or shoot us an email at

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