How to set up your files docs for eSignatures

Using eSignatures on your documents is super easy, but needs to be set up first.

  1. Upload the document you want to eSign onto FILES. Go to SETUP>FILES
  2. Choose either Upload File or Import PDF to import your document.
  3. Once you upload your document, it will show up in your FILES system.
  4. From here, you can click on the document and start setting it up for eSign.
  5. You will go to your Details tool on the top left hand side. Click on it, then choose the SELECT DETAIL drop down
  6. In this drop down, you will find all of your eSignature details. You can start filling your document.
  7. Choose a detail and fill it where you need on the document.
  8. Continue with the rest of the details
  9. Once you have completed your eSignature details, save your copy and give it an “active” status.
  10.  Exit out of Filebase, then go to any job. Open up the docs to the job.
  11. Under the document you just setup, you will see different signing options. Test the different signing options before using this function for a real job.

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